The Flat Twist Out


Before: Our model Andrea has normal porosity, Curly hair that easily absorbs moisture and creamy stylers and moisturizers.  Andrea prepped her hair by shampooing with Super Moisturizing Shampoo followed by Super Detangling Conditioner and towel dried hair.  Please note: This style can also be done on dry hair for even faster results.

Step 1: Part section of hair as shown and clip remaining hair. 

Step 2: Apply the a quarter size amount of Dream Cream Curling Creme  to section and saturate from root to end. Then begin creating a two strand twist starting with a small section of hair at the beginning of the section. Continue twisting to the end of section adding hair along the section as you twist. Continue throughout entire head.  Once complete, allow to air dry or sit under hooded dryer for faster results.  

Step 3: Once completely dry, carefully untwist each section.  To add shine, rub a pinch of Shine Magic between your fingertips and then untwist section.

Step 4: Fluff hair and lift at roots with fingertips to add fullness and depth. Style as desired.