About us

:Who We Are:

we are curly and textured hair enthusiasts. 
Outdo™ is a quick, healthy hair care system for all curly and textured hair types. Born in 2008 (formerly Donna Marie products), our products are designed to take the guesswork out of textured hair styling and deliver salon quality, healthy hair. Like our salon, outbar, our products deliver super fast results for ALL textures: kinky, curly or straight (no hate). 
Outdo™ is a hair freedom movement, inspiring women everywhere to reclaim their time and rock their natural hair as they please. 

:Our Why:

We want you to love your hair as much as we do. We are passionate about ALL textures and want to make it easy to embrace your natural beauty. 
We celebrate the versatility of textured hair and offer solutions for all the beautiful ways you want to rock your natural hair.
No more fuss. No more product junkie madness. 
Just pure textured hair love in 3 easy steps. 
Get into it. do the outdo.


:Meet the Founder:


Our Founder, Ayanna, has been on a mission to make textured hair styling easy since she started the brand in 2008. Originally named Donna Marie products (named after her grandmother who inspired the brand), outdo was developed to take the guesswork out of natural hair care and deliver salon quality results using clean ingredients. As a licensed cosmetologist with over 15 years experience exclusively styling natural hair, Ayanna knows all textures.

When she became a mom, she realized that products centered around maintaining healthy textured hair and cutting down the time you spend on your hair were lacking in the industry and she launched the Outbar salon to solve this problem in 2017. Shortly after, she renamed the products, Outdo as it spoke to the brands mission to make natural hair styling simpler, as the successful startup Outbar has done for clients in her hometown, DC/MD/VA aka “The DMV”.