About Outdo Salon

We get you! You want to go to a salon that offers fast, quality care for your textured hair.
Welcome to the Outdo™ salon.

Outdo™ is a quick, styling salon for women with all hair textures (whether you're curly, kinky or straight, no hate). Our motto is simple: Healthy curls, blowouts + protective styles for fly women on the go. We use our plant based, professional, products to create super efficient, healthy hair styles that promote hair growth, moisture, and long lasting styles. We'll get you in, get you pampered and relaxed (complimentary wine anyone), + get you out and fab, efficiently. No more long wait times. No double booking. We're giving you back your time and revolutionizing the salon experience.

We ensure that each of our stylists are fully trained and committed to providing quality standards so that you can be sure your look is consistent every time you visit our salon.

Our Promise

We are committed to the following:
  • outstanding service: Our service will remain fast, but also efficient and we'll always put the health of you and your hair first.
  • outstanding products: We use only the best natural, salon quality styling products that are both outstanding for your hair and the environment.
  • outstanding education: We don't just send you out the door without giving you proper instructions on how to maintain your style and hair health.  At the end of each service, we give you details about products and techniques to use to ensure longevity in your style.
Outdo™ is a freedom movement, inspiring people everywhere to rock their hair as they please. 
Salon Location:
2200 Petrie Ln Unit 540 Suite 27 Lanham, Maryland