Protect your hair from the pool + beach in 4 simple steps

We are in the thick of summer and that means extreme heat! Naturally, you probably have the urge to jump in the nearest pool or jet to closest beach to cool off.  But, before you dive head first, you need to do some prep work.  As we know, pools are full of chlorine and the ocean salt water can negatively impact your hair. The acidity of the water can suck the oil and moisture out of your hair, leaving your tresses super dry and brittle.  Thus, your goal while swimming should be to protect your hair to minimize the amount of chlorinated water and salt water that comes in contact with your hair.  

Don't jump in the pool or ocean water until you check out these top 4 tips.

1. Wear a swim cap

Am I the only one that hates swim caps? They're uncomfortable and barely fit all of this hair. However, they offer the easiest way to protect our hair from the effects of chlorine or saltwater.  If you've got super thick hair like me, try large swim caps to ensure that your protecting all of your hair under your swim cap.

2. Wet your hair before you get in the pool

Yep. Wetting your hair before you jump in the pool allows your hair to soak up less chlorine than dry hair.

3. Protect your hair with a penetrative oil

Using a penetrative oil like cult fave, Coconut oil, will protect your hair shaft inside and out and help protect your hair from the harsh effects of chlorine.  We love the Camellia + Honey Repair & Shine ($18) for pool/beach prepped hair.  

 4. Protect your hair after swimming

What you do after swimming is just as important as your pre-swim prep.  Be sure to shampoo with a clarifying + moisturizing shampoo, such as our Supernaturals Super Moisturizing Shampoo ($12) that clarifies by removing saltwater and chlorine and moisturizes in one.

Any questions? What do you do to prep your hair for the pool?



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