Top 2 ingredients for super dry hair

We've all been there. The weather changes and your hair suffers.  Dry climates can reek havoc on hair, especially in the winter.  Giving your hair the protection it needs is key to maintaining strong, unbreakable, healthy hair.  Dry hair may be common, but it can be avoided by incorporating two essential ingredients in your hair care regimen: Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter


What is it?  This miracle butter that hails from the Amazon Rain Forest is amazing for dry hair. Similar in composition to Cocoa Butter, but much lighter in consistency, this hydrophilic (water absorbing) butter is able to attract 200% more water than Shea Butter and lanolin, making it a superb moisturizer and sealant.  In a nutshell, Cupuacu butter is a must have in your daily hair care regimen.



Also, native to Brazil is Tucuma Butter, an exotic, Vitamin A powered, emollient that can seal in moisture like a dream, add incredible lightweight shine.  Non-greasy, this lightweight butter quickly turns into a smooth spreading oil that penetrates the hair and softens instantly.

Our Super Buttercreme daily moisturizer is a heavy-weight moisture packed ingredient that includes Cupuacu Butter as a main ingredient.  Click Here to learn more and save 30% off.



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