3 ways Turmeric will give you the best skin ever

Turmeric has been considered a healer for the body.  Studies have shown that Turmeric, when taken internally, reduces inflammation and some even show that it even helps fight cancer. This coveted spice is not only amazing for internal healing; Turmeric is also amazing on your skin.  

Here are 3 ways Turmeric will give your skin life!

1. Clears acne

Turmeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help reduce breakouts and clear minimize acne scars. Oil glands are also minimized to reduce the reproduction of pimples and acne

2. Natural Dark Spot Remover

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or acne scars, Turmeric is the answer.  Turmeric has been known to natural lighten the skin and remove discoloration.

3. Balances Oily Skin

Turmeric is golden for oily skin as it helps significantly decrease excessive oil production by the sebaceous glands.  Turmeric contains fatty acids and phytosterols that can help reduce oil production by 25% according to a 2012 study.

Product Recommendation:  Looking for Turmeric based products? Check out our Manuka Honey Collection for Acne Prone Skin or our Pink Rose Collection for dry, normal, or combination skin.  Plus, save $10 when you order the collection.



Have you tried Turmeric on your skin?

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