When your man loves your natural hair

Ladies, lets be honest. We want to look good. We also want our man or significant other to think we look good. And, our hair is a major player when it comes to our aesthetics.  

The Natural Hair Movement is huge with new people forgoing their relaxers and rocking their natural all day every day. But, not everybody is comfortable when they initially go for the big chop. Not everybody finds themselves attractive when they first go natural largely due to the fact natural is still not fully acceptable in our society (but we're getting there). Thus, having strong support is key to staying on the journey and, one of the best supporters can be your significant other.  

Quick story: I've been natural since 2004.  My hair has been big chopped, dyed, fried and laid to the side and big chopped again on the journey as it took me years to get comfortable with my natural hair.  Fast forward to my wedding in 2009. About a month before, I was trying out different natural hair styles for the wedding and came home with a twist-out that I thought was mediocre at best, and just not worthy of the glam factor I wanted. My soon-to-be husband lit up when I walked in the door and said

"Babe, I love your hair like that. That's how I want you to wear it at the wedding. Just like that."  

Now here I was thinking I needed a long weave because my shorter, natural hair wasn't glam enough for my wedding and my biggest supporter, the man I was marrying, was in awe of my natural beauty.  So, in the high heat and humidity of our Jamaican destination wedding, I rocked my hair just like that.

Now, I'm not saying you NEED your man's approval to rock your natural. I already knew my natural hair was beautiful; I just had to realize that I didn't need all the enhancements to be "glam" for my wedding, my hair at its current length and state was good enough. I can't lie, a little reminder from my man certainly didn't hurt and boosted my confidence. 

Honestly, knowing he loved my natural hair was a relief. I felt sexier. I felt bolder. I felt validated. I felt confident. I felt all the things that I always was.

What are your thoughts? What are your man's feelings about your natural hair?However, you can't help


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