3 rules for glowing skin

Your body needs nourishment from a Plant + Superfood based diet to maintain health and build energy.  Guess what? Your skin can benefit from using plant + superfood based ingredients topically.  The benefit of a 100% plant + superfood based skin care regimen is nourished, glowing skin.  Think about it, you are literally feeding your skin .  

Here are our 3 golden rules for glowing skin:

1. Use Oil Serums- The myth that oils are bad for your skin is officially debunked!  Using the right oils for your skin type can literally heal and transform your skin, adding a glow that lasts.  Use oils that are right for your skin type. Not the DIY type? We've formulated our oils serums for each skin type.  

Try: Pink Rose Softening Serum (for dry skin), Manuka Brightening Serum (for Acne prone + Oily skin) or Matcha (Green Tea) Glow Serum (for dark spots and anti-aging).  

2. Drink Lots of Water- You knew this already, but we couldn't resist mentioning this sometimes forgotten, fundamental tip.  When you are dehydrated, your whole body reacts, especially your super porous skin.  The best water to drink is Alkaline water as it has a higher PH, which helps you balance your body's PH and decrease the level of acidity in your body.  Lower acidity means lower disease and less chance for breakouts and other non-favorable skin conditions.  

Try our Hydrating Face Mists for topical hydration and all day long moisture.

3. Exfoliate- One of the easiest and most effective ways to reveal glowing skin is to remove dead skin.  Exfoliating with clays and gentle scrubs can remove chaffed, dry or dull skin cells and reveal fresh skin underneath.

Try: Pink Clay Mask (dry skin), Matcha Green Tea Glow Mask (dark spots and aging), or Manuka Charcoal Brightening Mask (Acne + Oily skin)

We hope those tips help.  Tell us what you use to maintain glowing skin?

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  • Ramona Seals

    Donna Maire haircare products are the best! I purchased her products for family members in Louisiana and they Love Love these products!

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