Shea what? 3 things you didn't know about Shea Butter

What's not to love about Shea Butter? Shea Butter is an amazing Superfood that is loaded with Omega Fatty acids, Vitamins A + E, and minerals that provide nourishment and protection for the skin and hair making it one of the most sought after superfoods for centuries.

And, just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about this cult favorite, BAM, we hit you with some little known facts that will make you fall even more in love.

Here are 3 things you might not know about Shea Butter:

1). Shea Butter is Anti-inflammatory Got a cut or a burn? Shea Butter! Got Sunburn? Shea Butter! Got Nasal Congestion? Shea Butter! That's right, Shea Butter can calm inflammation and heal the skin with repeated use.  According to a study (A. TELLA, Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Nigeria “Preliminary Studies on Nasal Decongestant Activity from the Seed of the Shea Butter Tree, Butyrospermum Parkii”) people who used Shea Butter reported higher relief from their nasal congestion than those participants who didn't.

2) Shea Butter does NOT clog your pores If you are prone to breakouts or have Acenic skin, Shea Butter may be your skin's savior!  Premium, Grade A, unrefined Shea Butter is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores.  You can confidently use it on your skin to remove make-up or seal in moisture to prevent dryness.  

3) Shea Butter is a great heat protectant Shea Butter, combined with moisturizing ingredients can serve as a great protectant to the hair shaft when using high heat.  Due to the smoke point of 450°F (233°C), Shea Butter can be used to seal in moisture and protect the hair shaft from heat damage.  The performance is similar to a silicone without the buildup.    

*Please note* There are conflicting theories on whether or not Shea Butter alone will protect the hair from heat.  We suggest using products that combine Shea Butter in a moisturizer (a product that contains water) for the best results.  

The Donna Marie Super Buttercreme (8oz, $14) is loaded with Shea Butter, highly moisturizing for super dry hair and offers great heat protection during blow drying.

Bonus: When you purchase Shea Butter, you are supporting women!  For centuries, shea butter has been known as "Women's Gold" because not only is it golden it color, but it also provides income to millions of women. By using Shea Butter you are supporting the economic empowerment of women all over Africa.  Be sure to purchase premium quality, Grade A Shea Butter from Fair Trade suppliers to ensure that you are supporting reputable companies that pay women fairly.

Do you love Shea Butter as much as we do? Tell us how you use Shea Butter below!


  • maimobibi

    Shea butter sure has a comedogenic rate at 1 and so is not an oil that can clog pores.that’s the general rule.but there may be a few exceptions whereby Shea butter may not just agree with your skin type as such can cause acne.also,there may be situations where the lotion or other products you use on your face don’t just agree with the Shea butter as such , don’t dismiss what your dermatologist told you.try to do a little more research and check other things you are using together with the Shea ,that’s if you are using other products.I know this response is late but can help some other person

  • Kurn from LBC

    My dermatologists’ assistant told me shea butter was clogging my pores and I gave her the hard side eye. Great write-up, thanks for the info!!

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